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Our Activities

Our activities generally fall under four domains related to advancing our goals of making transit public, accessible, and community-driven.

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Community Engagement

Getting connected with the community through creating partnerships, engaging with similar groups, and planning social activities and events.

Example activities: Monthly town hall meetings, OTA annual party, Transit Week Challenge, Critical Bike Mass.



Action and Advocacy

Conducting campaigns to raise awareness of OTA’s mission and perform direct actions.

Example activities: Transit for Teens campaign, Bench Building Initiative, Flyering, Open letter Sign-on, Keep Transit Public Campaign.

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Research and Inquiry

Conducting inquiry that will help us better understand our community’s needs, and develop research-informed recommendations for better transit.

Example activities: Analyzing BC Transit data, developing reports for advocacy efforts.



OTA Development

Developing the OTA to manage and oversee activities, and ensure alignment of activities with OTA’s mission and equity-based principles.

Example activities: Transitioning OTA to non-profit, IDEAS strategy development (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility social justice), managing and governing OTA activites.

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Want to get involved with any of these activities?
Join the Alliance. 

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